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Khamaungdwe Cyclone Giri relief 2010

11/18/2010 12:00:00 AM

Our 6 volunteer medical doctors are at East Pha Yone Kar Island, Kha Maug Htwi village, Rakhine State.

They started to provide medical care at the village of Khamaungdwe and surroundings with a mobile clinic on a boat. Because drinking water is a source of pollution, they started digging a well at this village and after digging to about 2-3 meters, they found very good water. Although this water is good to use for the time being, we will continue to dig deeper to more secure water levels and build a proper brick well so the village will be provided for in times of drought.

None of the large NGOs managed to come this far to this small island with 7 villages because there are rocks in front of the entrance to the island, that shelter it from the sea. It will cost us about 1200 US$ for one water-well but more funding is needed to repair the schools. It will cost us about 12,000 US$ to repair a school of 20′ (7 meter) to 60″ (20 meter) at Khamaungdwe village and we have no funding for this yet.