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Pat Le school & medical trip 2010

9/8/2010 12:00:00 AM

In September 2010 we visited Pat Le again. After a two hour boat-ride in a small boat, we were by the schoolchildren of the village. We rested for a while, after which we donated around 240 dozen exercise books to 240 school children, a dozen pencils to each child and 6 ball pens for the elder children.
We administered medical care to the children, gave them multi-vitamins and health care checkups. Later on, villagers with health problems came to the monastery to receive a check and medication by our doctors.

In September 2011 we returned to this village again for the donation of school materials for the children and medical check-ups for all the villagers of Pat Le and surrounding villages.

Some of Pat Le villages were brought to an eye-clinic in Bogalay one month later. Click here for the detailed report